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How to Effectively Discipline Your Child

If you haven’t listened to Not Your Mother’s Podcast yet, do yourself a favor and take a listen.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the hosts, Veronica and Sonnet, for an interview back in March.  They’re funny, they’re real, and they talk about what no one else is talking about in the world of motherhood.  Everyone talks about the positives and the wonderful aspects of motherhood, and there are TONS. But it’s also hard.  And it can be overwhelming. And frustrating.

“Now that Sonnet and Veronica have tread the unknown waters of motherhood, they are driven to providing actionable advice to others moms who are navigating their new role by interviewing experts that can help with things like postpartum depression, body issues, sleep, nutrition, connecting with your partner, etc.

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Sonnet and Veronica hope to provide a platform for women to rely on for valuable information and build a community so they know they are not alone in this wild journey of motherhood.”

In my interview, we talked about Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting and what this really means.  We cover everything from allowing kids to feel their emotions, Why kids have tantrums and how to handle them, the secret to connecting with your kids (even when, or especially when they are strong willed), tips on handling yourself when you’re feeling difficult emotions in parenthood, and ideas to get your parenting partner on board with Positive Discipline.

Take a listen here !