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Christmas gift guide: ideas that inspire creativity & imagination

October through December is quite possibly my favorite time of the year, even more so since becoming a parent.  There is so much magic and excitement with the holidays and family time together that unfolds, and I love creating new memories and traditions with my kids.  But, sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the gift giving and lose sight of what it important.

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I had been pretty mindful about the toys I select for my kids.  I don’t typically like toys that require batteries (although we have had a select few favorites).  Instead I’ve preferred toys that are open ended and inspire creativity, rather than toys that simply entertain kids by lighting up and making noise for them.  When kids are constantly surrounded by toys that entertain, they learn to expect to be entertained rather than to truly engage in the magic of play and use their imaginations.  

Another goal of mine is to not have too many toys. No one wants junk or clutter, and I truly believe that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered and stressed mind.  Research shows that children with fewer toys are more creative! (Metz et al 2018). Not to mention they actually play with their things because they are not overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF in their space and losing things.  I challenge you to select a few purposeful gifts that will inspire creativity and imagination, rather than loading your cart to the brim!

Here are gifts that have been well loved by my family, for kids toddler to preschool age:

If you prefer not to give toys, books and experiences are always a well loved gift!  With experiences, think a trip (or membership) to the zoo, kids museum, indoor playground, local farm, etc!

Some of our favorite books for little ones:

Stay tuned the next few weeks; I’ll be sharing ideas for elementary aged children and moms!

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